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Energy systems & Technical rooms

Predictability is a valuable asset in complex projects. Our prefabricated units offer you full control. Complete and customised. Always with total cost of ownership and the environment in mind.

Armatec iZiFLEX™

Your entire technical room in a single unit

The Armatec Iziflex™ is a prefabricated and customised technical room that provides heating, cooling and steam to buildings and industrial premises.

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Prefab technical rooms reduce material waste

Less building material waste means less environmental impact. With prefabricated units such as the Armatec Iziflex, we can reduce material waste. Since we assemble everything indoors – well protected from the heat of the sun, pouring rain and winter cold – it is easier to plan how much material to use and to do things right from the start.

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Keep the current temperature

Heating systems in older buildings are often designed for a high flow temperature. This makes it difficult to throw out the oil boiler. Unless you choose our solution with biofuel.

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Move the boiler where you want it

Are you postponing an upgrade of your heat source, because the boiler room is located in the basement? Then a transportable boiler might be the solution. Easy to get in place, easy to access.

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Make your control cabinet smarter

How about getting information about your boiler via SMS? We deliver customized control cabinets with smart features that simplify your everyday life and improve combustion.

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Environmentally friendly heating

Invest in a heating plant that is biofuel-fired for your process. It gives your company a positive environmental profile while you gain good heating economy and safe operation.

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