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Building automation

Things that happen automatically tend to make life easier. We provide you with tools to control, monitor, analyze and debit. For large and small buildings. Both gathered and scattered.


Control based on forecast

Improve the indoor climate while decreasing the energy consumption with up to ten percent. You have a lot to gain by controlling the supply of heat based on current forecast. We know how it is done.

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Control one building

A standardized control system is often sufficient in residential properties with up to fifty apartments. We make sure that you get a system that is easy to handle with the functions you require.

Control multiple buildings

Win economies of scale by linking several residential properties in an area. We create a modular system that is easy to use. Monitoring via the Internet.

Integrate multiple systems

In some buildings there are several systems that control the indoor climate. For example, in shopping centers, offices and schools. We make sure that all the units interact to form a well functioning unity.