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Boilers & Safety

Warm water, hot water, steam and hot air. Our boilers produce what you want in a safe manner. Complete and customized. Economically and environmentally conscious.

Applications - Safety

Meet the safety requirements: Warm and hot water

At temperatures below 110 °C, good engineering practice is required. Above 110 °C it is about regulatory standards. We provide you with the right combination of level, pressure, flow switches and safety valves.

Meet the safety requirements: Steam

At Armatec we have extensive experience of working with steam. When it comes to security we can offer flash tanks and safety valves. Get in touch, we will solve your challenge.

Applications - Boilers

Keep the current temperature

Heating systems in older buildings are often designed for a high flow temperature. This makes it difficult to throw out the oil boiler. Unless you choose our solution with biofuel.

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Move the boiler where you want it

Are you postponing an upgrade of your heat source, because the boiler room is located in the basement? Then a transportable boiler might be the solution. Easy to get in place, easy to access.

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Increase the amount of biogas

During the production of biogas a part of the produced gas is used to produce new steam for the process. With a pellet fired steam boiler, you can use that biogas for something else.

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Environmentally friendly heating

Invest in a heating plant that is biofuel-fired for your process. It gives your company a positive environmental profile while you gain good heating economy and safe operation.

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Make your control cabinet smarter

How about getting information about your boiler via SMS? We deliver customized control cabinets with smart features that simplify your everyday life and improve combustion.

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Use air as a heat carrier

Buildings such as hangars and warehouses are often in need of a system for simple heating. That is what you get with our system for air heating. Oil, gas or pellets as the energy source.