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Air & Particle separation

Dirt and air cause trouble in both HVAC systems and industrial systems. We make sure that particles and air bubbles disappear, so that your system can perform as intended.


Remove air efficiently

Are you particularly anxious to get the air out of your system? In that case you need to create a substantial vacuum. We can provide you with suppressed degassers that effectively remove the air.

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Improve the water quality

A classic tip to get rid of copper is to let the water run for a while. However, that is a wasteful approach. Why not capture the copper particles instead? We are happy to be of service.


Protect your process

The less amount of air and particles, the less wear on components and risk for pumps to clog up. We can separate whatever you want and always take temperature, pressure and media into consideration.

Minimize the risk of rust

We are happy to take the fight against rust with you. A system that is free from gas equals no potential for corrosion. The right knowledge and the right products give you the vacuum de-gassing you need.

Minimize the noise

Pumps and pipe systems tend to make a bit too much noise sometimes. The cause is often air and gas. We make sure to remove the air and the gas from your system.

De-gas your heating system

Air in the system is often the culprit behind reduced heat transfer, noise and corrosion. We know how to overcome the problems with the right products all the way from the district heating unit to the high points.