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Valves & Automation

A good facility should be able to be controlled reliably, day in and day out. We provide you with a modern installation that is sustainable with regard to media type, pressure, temperature, standards and legal requirements.

Measurement & Control technology

We make sure that you get the right information in order to control your process. The correct temperature, flow, speed, level and pressure gives you an excellent basis for analysis, optimization and billing.

Heat exchange & Accumulation

It is increasingly important to conserve energy in buildings. We develop systems for heating and hot water that are sustainable and which often combine multiple energy sources.

Pressure maintenance & Expansion

A good system for pressure maintenance distributes the heat and cold optimally. It may sound obvious but it’s an art to manage. We know the art of pressure maintenance from theory to practice.


Many overlook check valves. We salute them. You can expect robust products that shut in the desired manner to protect water against pollution and systems against pressure surges.

Air & Particle separation

Dirt and air cause trouble in both HVAC systems and industrial systems. We make sure that particles and air bubbles disappear, so that your system can perform as intended.

Pump technology

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to choosing a pump. We make a difference by thinking it through all the way. From media and performance requirements to service and durability.

Water & Energy metering

Good metering values are dependent on good meters. But modern metering technology is also about collecting, processing and presenting metering data. We make sure to provide you with even more information, in an even better way.

Building automation

Things that happen automatically tend to make life easier. We provide you with tools to control, monitor, analyze and debit. For large and small buildings. Both gathered and scattered.

Prefabricated industrial systems

Save time and boost performance with a customized and skid-mounted system solving your flow technology challenges. We work close to you guided by our well-proven project model.

Energy systems & Technical rooms

Predictability is a valuable asset in complex projects. Our prefabricated units offer you full control. Complete and customised. Always with total cost of ownership and the environment in mind.

Roof drainage systems

It's often tricky to dewater courtyards, flat roofs with sideboards and terraces. Our full flow system gives you an efficient roof drainage system with tight pipe dimensions.