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A leader who likes both technology and business

Stefan Kjellgren took on the challenge of assuming a new role as product sales manager within technical valves. His previous role as project manager in the systems department provided him with a good basis for dealing with customers with confidence and being secure as an internal leader.

I applied for the position because I wanted to develop my leadership skills. This is something I've tried before in my professional life and now I saw a chance to develop further. Broadly speaking, it is about giving employees the support they need to best manage their everyday lives. Mastery of both technology and product as well as sales and customer care is not always straightforward.

At the same time, it is precisely this combination that makes the profession so much fun. One moment you get the chance to go into depth in a technical detail that is important for the function. Next moment, it's time to sit in a sales meeting and discuss the commercial aspects of a project and why our particular solution is preferable.

One advantage of Armatec, both in my role but also generally, is that there are short decision paths. If you have an idea, you almost always get the opportunity to evaluate and implement it. There is no prestige – we are a good team who want the best for each other well and work well together. I highly value being given the space to take my own initiatives and be part of a great team.