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A heart that pumps for pumps

Marija Zarins is a Market- and Product Manager for vaccuum pumps at Armatec. With a genuine interest in pumps, she makes sure that each customer gets the right pump for their specific need.

I like working with pumps. They are the heart of a system and the technology is very exciting. I currently work with vacuum pumps for the processing industry, amongst others. Our pumps are known for their operational safety and are highly valued in that sector.

The challenge for our customers is that there are so many pumps to choose from and that’s why they come to us. Each new project starts with me asking a number of questions. What are you pumping and at which temperature? How high pressure and flow is desired? A close dialogue with the customer gives the information I need in order to propose a pump and that’s where the discussion starts.

Armatec is a good work place with great colleagues. It’s never tough to get up in the morning – the days and weeks go by fast. A good mixture of people of different ages gives us the power to question what is and enables us to think in new ways, all while remaining strong in terms of knowledge.