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Ties strong bonds with the suppliers

It is important for Armatec to have strong relationships its suppliers. Joel Fredholm, Purchasing Manager for the purchasing department at Armatec acts as a uniting link.

Our customers have high expectations that Armatec deliver good products in the right time. That creates a demand for well functioning cooperation with our suppliers. I think that Armatec has a great responsibility in that chain and want to continue to contribute to a positive development. It can be about, for instance, understanding and anticipating our customers, analyzing purchasing patterns and negotiate deals that will last over time. A diverse job that requires a sense and a skill set for the human, business and mathematical part.

We only cooperate with suppliers that develop high quality products. That grants satisfied customers that are glad to come back to us at Armatec. That’s a winning formula in the long run.

Armatec develops technical solutions that make the world a little bit better, for instance regarding energy savings. Our solutions are directed at sectors in society that for the moment invest large amounts of money. That gives a feeling that we are contributing to something important and that it isn’t passing, but in fact the opposite. I believe that the future for Armatec is brighter than ever.