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With constant development as a guiding star

Emelie Winblom started in the reception, went on to technical customer service and now works as a marketing and product manager within district heating and cooling. A typical Armatec journey showing that there are always opportunities for those who want to grow in their career.

I got interested in heat exchangers when I worked within technical customer service. My role included handling orders and purchasing heat exchangers from Alfa Laval. As I am a curious soul, I wanted to learn more about the products. Still I hesitated to apply for this job, I’m not an engineer but my supportive colleagues pushed me to apply.

What I did have, on the other hand, was in-depth knowledge of our range of heat exchangers. It was the starting point for a tailor-made internal training course. My manager listed what I needed to know and made sure that the people at Armatec who had the knowledge shared it with me. An incredibly rewarding time and some other colleagues also joined part of the training.

On a typical day at work, I keep track of units for district heating and cooling as well as individual exchangers. I have close contact with consultants, property managers and large contractors. Sometimes I have to be a detective and find old drawings. Exchangers generally have a long life but when the time does come to change them, it’s important to take new factors into consideration.

The best thing about Armatec is that you really get the chance to develop. If you have the drive and the will, nothing can stop you. On the contrary, you are encouraged to go forward.