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If you do something, then something happens. Armatec is constantly evolving through professionalism, commitment, job satisfaction and competence. Do you want to make a difference: Welcome

Aim for an uplifting environment

Armatec is a Nordic company in constant development that is part of Ernströmgruppen. It opens the door for those who want to grow in their current role and take on new roles to come.

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Do you want to take your career to new heights? Armatec offers exciting and developing working possibilities.

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Most of us at Armatec work with proposing and selling technical solutions. But there is a variety of roles. What unites us is our winning culture: Armatec should be the best.

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With constant development as a guiding star

Emelie Winblom started in the reception, went on to technical customer service and now works as a marketing and product manager within district heating and cooling. A typical Armatec journey showing that there are always opportunities for those who want to grow in their career.

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A day filled with technical challenges

Always see things from the customer’s perspective. Never show up unannounced. That is how Anders Öhrn views his role as part of the Technical Sales Team within construction at Armatec.

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A leader who likes both technology and business

Stefan Kjellgren took on the challenge of assuming a new role as product sales manager within technical valves. His previous role as project manager in the systems department provided him with a good basis for dealing with customers with confidence and being secure as an internal leader.

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