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Simplicity most important

At Armatec, we try to take a holistic approach to sustainability. Turn to us to benefit from our technical knowledge and for product suggestions that meet the requirements of both your organisation and your customer.

Our technical knowledge often boils down to creating the best functionality with the lowest energy consumption. New technological advances make it easy to connect multiple devices, collect and analyse data, and optimise operation and maintenance. Effergi is our sustainability and energy efficiency label. Our belief is that although different businesses have different opportunities to achieve low emissions, we can always help to improve matters.

There are many aspects to choosing a sustainable product. One of them is the material used to make the product and whether it can be recycled. Another is whether the product is safe to install, handle and repair. Then we have robustness and longevity – how long is the product’s useful life?

Many of our products are assessed by external parties in Sweden, such as Byggvarubedömningen, and now we are taking the next step and laying the foundation for inhouse assessments of our products with even stricter requirements. This work is to be completed by 2025.

Our Viridi product label spotlights products with low lead content (below 0.1%). Our Viridi Fleet initiative requires that all new company cars at Armatec are classified as green vehicles by the Swedish Tax Agency.

You can find all of Armatec’s environmental documentation here

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Energy efficiency is high on the agendas of increasingly more companies and organisations. Everyone benefits from energy-efficient systems for water, heating, cooling and processing. Our Effergi label enables us to spotlight technical solutions and products that are especially energy efficient.

Viridi and low lead are the future

We want to make it easy for our customers to make the right choices, which is why we created Armatec VIRIDI. Low lead is the future, and we are proud of our brass products. For one thing, they are suitable for all types of installations and have been assessed by both SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen in Sweden.

Towards a completely green vehicle fleet

Today, all Armatec vehicles must be electric, natural gas or plug-in hybrid and classified as green by the Swedish Tax Agency. Within a couple of years, Armatec’s entire fleet will be comprised solely of green vehicles.