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Increasingly more companies are realising that sustainability is crucial to their business. Not least within construction and industry. Tenants and end consumers want buildings and products that are sustainable. Financial backers, special interest groups and politicians reward sustainability initiatives.

The time when sustainability was always associated with higher costs is behind us. Today, the opposite is often true. An owner who can demonstrate that their building will be sustainable over its life cycle can expect better terms on bank loans because the business risk is considered lower. A higher initial investment quickly pays off, eventually resulting in annual savings year after year. Industry is driven by technology development and optimization – both of which are perfectly suited to sustainability.

Sustainable flow technology makes a difference within both construction and industry. Technical know-how combined with quality products provides us with a solid platform for creating sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. Often, our part of the solution is a prerequisite for the entire system, such as a district heating plant, to perform at its best.

Armatec is part of Ernströmgruppen, whose goal is to pass sound operations on to the next generation. One of our owner’s directives is to halve our emissions between 2019 and 2025. This is to be achieved by means of the Ernströmgruppen Eco Screening Tool. Our responses to 28 questions in 7 areas provide us with a weighted rating. The tool highlights where we are already performing well and where we need to improve. Learn more about Sustainability within Ernströmgruppen.

Sustainable flow technology is needed in a number of areas within construction and industry. Here are a few examples of where our knowledge and our products make a difference.

Armatec active in wind power technology race

Wind power accounts for just over five percent of all electricity produced in the world. The market is experiencing annual growth of five percent and is expected to be worth SEK 1,250 billion by 2025. Technological development in the field is fast paced, with manufacturers striving to extract as much energy as possible from winds blowing across land and sea. Armatec is involved thanks to its specialist expertise in flow technology.

Ocean winds offer sustainable power

Wave power could meet 10–20 percent of global electricity needs. A technical challenge for sure, but one that we are happy to be involved in solving.

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We make trains just a little better

In recent years, the train has been enjoying something of a renaissance. We contribute by creating redundant solutions within sustainable flow technology that ensure reliability even in a crisis.

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Prefab technical rooms reduce material waste

Less building material waste means less environmental impact. With prefabricated units such as the Armatec Iziflex, we can reduce material waste.

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Sustainable buildings need digitalised flows

Some 20 percent of Sweden’s energy consumption is expended on heating and cooling homes and premises. Sustainable flow technology can reduce this consumption by 10–15 percent per building.

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At Armatec, we try to take a holistic approach to sustainability.

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