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Our values

Armatecs values will characterize business in general but is also the starting point of our daily tasks. We are based on three core values: competence, commitment and customer benefit. Most important to us is that you feel that we practice what we preach.

Our customers' wishes are the core of our business and we are always responsive to them. We are a knowledge based company that values competence. Armatec always strives to offer the best possible technical solution that ensures long life, high productivity and availability, and good economy over time.

All our solutions require great cooperation, and presumes that all our employees feel empowerment, connection and drive. We start at our customers' needs and wishes and are always involved in every question that pops up. We are equally committed in our work and we are constantly striving to develop and improve.

Our motive is not only to meet our customers' expectations, but to constantly try to exceed them. If we develop, improve, follow the evolution and strive to lead it, we can provide products and services that benefits our customers. By practicing what we preach, we can live up to our promise: we are a partner to rely on.