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Exciting today. Exciting tomorrow.

Starting a career is great fun, and it is only human to go for something that feels exciting. After all, you have spent a lot of time studying to get to where you are. However, you probably want a career that is exciting not only today but also tomorrow. Time for you to discover Armatec, a specialist company in sustainable flow technology.

Why choose Armatec?

You offer something people can't live without

Armatec provides knowledge and qualitative products fundamental to achieving the optimal flow in technical systems in buildings and industries. In other words, we make cooling, heating, and water supply systems perform as intended. Artificial intelligence will affect our business just as many others. However, as we combine in-depth theoretical skills with hands-on practical, such technology can only assist you, not replace you. After all, fluids are transferred in pipes and not wirelessly.

You are allowed to be the best version of the current you

Life changes all the time. You move to a new town, you move in with your partner, you welcome a new family member. All of a sudden, you are a new best version of yourself. At Armatec, we know that life at work goes hand in hand with life at home. With your skill set as a basis, we support you in finding the best platform for every moment of your career. Good for you, good for us, and good for the customers.

You can grow without limits

Armatec is part of Ernströmgruppen, a family-owned business conglomerate based in Gothenburg, Sweden. This allows you to go forward with your career in many ways. You can work with flow technology at Armatec in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. You can also work with additive manufacturing, climate control, electrical systems, industrial products, and marine safety for the other companies in the group. The only ceiling is your imagination.

Three pillars for instant and lasting success

Modern: Open to progress and change

Armatec lets you develop in your profession and as a person. We embrace new technology, initiate acceleration programs, and encourage social activities. Based on a solid platform of experience and knowledge, we always try to find new ways to inspire ourselves and ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

Flexible: Ready to fit your work style

Work-life balance is a state that changes over time depending on your current work tasks and personal life situation. Armatec allows part-time hybrid work and is open to discussing a period of combined work and vacation, so-called workation. When at the office, you will find everything you need to have a great day at work.

Innovative: Always up to date or beyond

Climate-smart flow technology is not something we just say – it is something we believe in and live by. We only supply products of high quality that last long, are healthy to handle, and minimize emissions from manufacturing and transportation. Smart technology is used to optimize performance and gather data easily.

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