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Welcome to the joint page for Armatec Nordic. To get in touch with one of our Nordic companies, proceed to our contact page or choose language in the top right corner and proceed to your home market.


We are a knowledge company within flow technology

Armatec solves technical challenges in water, heating, cooling and process. Our concepts show examples of smart solutions and serves as a source of inspiration and an experience bank.


Action is reaction. Armatec is constantly evolving through professionalism, commitment, job satisfaction and competence. Do you want to make a difference: Warm welcome.

Choose the fast lane to your everyday questions

Do you need information about the delivery time of a heat exchanger? Or maybe the price of a valve? Do you need to bring in a quote for a multistage pump? Turn to our colleagues at technical customer service.

The Armatec story: Twenty years of flow technology

Armatec Nordic was born twenty years ago, in 2003. It was a time with no smartphones, no social media, no electric cars, and no wireless networks everywhere. Most people used a printed map to find the way, took photos with a camera, and rented DVD movies for the weekend.

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Klas Blom new CEO Armatec AB

On August 1, Klas Blom took over as CEO of Armatec AB. Klas has a long-standing past within the Armatec Group and will lead Armatec AB through an exciting journey of change. Klas Blom has worked at Armatec AB since 2006 in a number of roles, including salesman, Product Manager, Business Area Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Furthermore, Klas has for many years been involved in developing the company's offering in customer-unique, prefabricated systems.

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Industrial Cooling Water System - Armatec provides cooling for metallurgical slab casters, resulting in improved steel quality and increased plant availability.

Electromagnetic stirrers are used to provide mixing during metallurgical processes. By using strong magnetic field, contact free stirring of the smelt can be created. This in turns provides improved productivity, overall product quality increase, reduced defects and decreased centerline segregation.The customized cooling water skid maintain stable low temperature for electrical equipment creating the alternating magnetic stirring function. Cooling medium voltage equipment requires deionizing functionality in the cooling skid. Armatec has acquired 15+ years of experience in providing cost effective Prefabricated Water Cooling Units, which meets the steel industry’s high demands for availability, workmanship quality and reduced environmental impact. Contact Armatec to learn more about customized water cooling units.

Armatec Sweden

New method of full impregnation makes pine stronger than mahogany

Wood as good as steel: New method of full impregnation makes pine stronger than mahogany. A mix of vacuum, pressure, heat, and frequencies during the process makes wood more durable, dimensionally stable, and even fire-retardant. Armatec Denmark supplies valves and actuators for the plant, which treat wood to new heights.

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Ernströmgruppen ensures Nordic vaccine preparedness

Ernströmgruppen is growing in the life science market and acquires Clean Utility Technology. The pandemic has shown the need for, among other things, vaccine production in the vicinity of consumers. New vaccine factories are being planned throughout the industrialized world.

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You have a technical challenge. We have a lot of knowledge and products. Our concepts show how and where we can be of use. Every technical solution is tailored to your needs.