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Armatec COM

You have a technical challenge. We have a lot of knowledge and products. Our concepts show how and where we can be of use. Every technical solution is tailored to your needs. Action is reaction.

Joel Fredholm, Purchase manager

Ties strong bonds with the suppliers It is important for Armatec to have strong relationships its suppliers. Joel Fredholm, Purchasing Manager for the purchasing department at Armatec acts as a

Automation is the heart in every process

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts should not be belittled. We know the parameters that need to be taken into account to avoid unexpected downtime in your process. A

Emelie Winbom, Technical Customer Service

All possible and impossible questions get anwsered Technical questions, questions concerning delivery times and requests. Emelie Winbom has a diverse and stimulating everyday life at Armatec’s

Create the right conditions for controlling

We provide you with the right products that give you the right conditions to monitor and control your process. That also applies when you need to fulfil certain standards, ATEX for example. 501

Armatec A/S


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